GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles 100 Pack

• Size 5mm
• 31 Gauge (0.25mm)
• Sterile needles


GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles


The GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles are a high-quality solution designed to meet the needs of individuals requiring medical injections, particularly for those managing diabetes. These needles are crafted to ensure a comfortable, safe, and efficient insulin delivery experience. Manufactured with patient comfort in mind, they are compatible with all major insulin pen brands, making them a versatile choice for insulin therapy.

Key Features of GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles

Universal Compatibility

The GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles are universally compatible with all leading insulin pen brands. This feature ensures that patients can use these needles with their existing insulin pens without the need for additional adapters, simplifying the insulin administration process.

Enhanced Comfort

Designed with a fine, 5mm length, these needles minimize discomfort during injection. Their thin gauge also aids in reducing the sensation of the injection, making the process as pain-free as possible. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who are apprehensive about needles or experience sensitivity.

Optimal Insulin Delivery

The precision of the GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles ensures an optimal insulin delivery. This is crucial for maintaining effective blood glucose levels. The design of the needle helps in promoting a more consistent insulin absorption rate, which can contribute to better diabetes management.

Sterility and Safety

Each needle is sterile, single-use, and comes with a protective cap to ensure safety and prevent contamination. The emphasis on sterility and the single-use design align with the highest standards of medical safety, reducing the risk of infections or complications.

Easy to Use

The GlucoRx 5mm Needles are designed for ease of use. They feature a simple screw-on mechanism that allows for quick and secure attachment to insulin pens. The clear labeling on each package aids in easy identification of needle size, ensuring that patients use the correct needle for their therapy needs.


The CarePoint 5mm Needles offer an exceptional choice for individuals requiring regular injections, such as those managing diabetes. Their universal compatibility, coupled with a focus on comfort and safety, makes them a preferred option for patients and healthcare providers alike. By integrating these needles into their care regimen, users can experience a less intrusive and more manageable insulin therapy process.

GlucoRx CarePoint Insulin Pen Needles are a universal fit on all insulin pen delivery devices. Compatible pens includes Saxenda, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Astrazeneca, Owen Mumford, and Sanofi.