Saxenda Starter Pack

  • 5 or 3 Individual pens
  • GlucoRx CarePoint 5mm Needles 100 Pack
  • Sharps Bin 1L
  • Once daily injection
  • Clinically proven to aid in weight loss
  • To be stored in the fridge



Saxenda Starter Pack: Empowering Your Journey to Weight Management

Welcome to the World of Saxenda

Saxenda Starter Pack , an innovative liraglutide-based medication, marks a new era in weight management. Specifically designed for adults with a BMI of ≥30 kg/m² (obese) or ≥27 kg/m² to <30 kg/m² (overweight) with weight-related comorbidities like dysglycaemia, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, or obstructive sleep apnoea, it stands as a beacon of hope for effective weight control​​.

Unraveling How Saxenda Works

Saxenda’s Unique Action

Saxenda, mirroring the human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), regulates appetite and calorie intake efficiently. This GLP-1 analogue approach provides a strategic edge in managing weight effectively​​.

Proven Efficacy and Safety

Saxenda’s Triumph in Clinical Trials

Extensive clinical trials have firmly established Saxenda’s efficacy and safety. Involving over 5000 adult participants, these studies demonstrate its significant impact on weight reduction over 56 weeks of treatment​​.

Dosing Guidelines: Your Roadmap to Success

Starting Strong and Adjusting Gradually

You’ll begin Saxenda at a manageable dose of 0.6 mg daily, gradually increasing to 3.0 mg for optimal gastrointestinal tolerability and comfort​​.

Evaluating Treatment Progress

Moreover, it’s crucial to assess Saxenda’s effectiveness after 12 weeks at the maintenance dose. If you haven’t lost at least 5% of your initial body weight by then, consider discontinuing the treatment​​.

Navigating Safety and Precautions

Important Considerations for Use

Saxenda suits most but isn’t recommended for everyone. Avoid it if you have severe heart failure or a hypersensitivity to its ingredients​​.

Managing Side Effects: Staying Informed

Common Reactions and How to Handle Them

You’ll mostly encounter gastrointestinal side effects, more so if you’re elderly or have renal impairment. Remember, staying informed helps in managing these effects effectively​​.

Tackling Hypoglycemia

Also, while using Saxenda, keep an eye out for mild hypoglycemic events, especially if you’re not battling diabetes. Being vigilant helps in addressing these issues promptly​​.

Integrating Saxenda into Your Life

Making Saxenda Part of Your Routine

Saxenda’s user-friendly design ensures seamless integration into your daily life, complementing your diet and exercise routine for maximum effectiveness.

Conclusion: Your Partner in Achieving Healthier Weight Goals

In summary, the Saxenda Starter Pack serves as a powerful ally in your weight management journey. It not only offers a scientifically supported approach but also empowers you to embrace a healthier lifestyle for long-term well-being.